Tuesday, 11 February 2014

What Are We All About?

The "If I Was ..." eBooks are meant to be purely satirical advice guides. I'm not suggesting I am an expert on any of the topics covered, I'm just offering simple advice, to some perplexing scenarios (or maybe not so perplexing).

These eBooks are not meant to become 'cookbooks' more that they offer my initial perceptions on topics.

I am hoping, following regular updates from the reading public, the eBooks will eventually become useful learning aids to help users both learn about topics and where applicable react against certain issues/topics. That's why I write as my name, followed by 'et al'.

Where your comments are used in future versions of an eBook, full credit will be given in a author names sheet, within each eBook.

I hope you enjoy reading these books, I look forward to hearing your views and comments soon. 

If you wish to kindly donate any money to this project, please do via paypal button, funds will be directed towards children's charities, details of which will be displayed on this blog, as and when any donations are received.

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